Through a secret door behind the office vending machine, a lonely data entry clerk named Diego finds the magical world of championship folder filing. As he coaches his talented coworker June in the competition, the two begin to fall in love...but do they really have a shot, or are they just fooling themselves?


A lunatic boss, a magical copy machine, a water cooler that likes to make music, and an underground folder filing competition – this is the surreal world of Data Mart, a data management office where all is not is as it seems. 

Diego is desperate – for a job, for excitement, for love. When he easily impresses Vasquez, the absurd boss who loves data but can’t type, Diego soon finds himself in a strange, strange land. There he meets June, an incredibly fast filer, and as the two make their way into the secret world of underground filing, things will never be the same. Diego agrees to be her coach and manager, and as June rises up through the underground filing ranks, the two begin to fall for each other. But is the love they start to develop actually worth leaving her boyfriend? Or are they both just fooling themselves?


Writer/Director J. Rick Castañeda went back to WA to tell another magical story. Like Cement Suitcase, a film festival favorite which found wide distribution, All Sorts once again combine experienced Hollywood filmmaking professionals with an incredible Central Washington crew. Follow us along on our journey @allsortsmovie on Facebook, Instagram, and TwitterThank you!


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