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We did it! We finished production on a feature film!

March 23, 2018


That’s no easy feat! As expected, we didn’t have ANY time to update the blog during our filming. A film production is often a whirling tornado that sucks up everything in its path – taking up all your time, spending all your money, and usually breaking some props and scuffing some locations in the meantime.


I feel incredibly blessed that we came out the other side with what I believe are enough pieces to craft our feature film. Some of the scenes, I have to tell you, they came out better than I ever could have hoped. We made all our days (film speak for filming all the scenes we needed to), and we now have about 4 terabytes of data that we will now mold into a 4K feature film.




The reason we survived production at all is because of one thing – we had the most amazing crew in the history of the world. Normally I would say “cast and crew”, but on this movie the word “crew” encompasses everybody, because most of our cast members did so much more than act. Some picked up other actors at the airport, some picked out their own costume, some helped secure locations, some were full members of the crew…


In fact, every person on our crew did the job of about 3 or 4 people. And everyone did so many jobs outside and beyond their job title. Every day Laura said to me, “You really lucked out with this crew.” And every day I told her, “I know it!”


It’s hard to choose an example, because every person on our crew was an example, but here’s just a few mentions to illustrate what I’m talking about:

  • Carol Matthews, our Makeup Artist, who suggested using her blow dryer to remove the label off one of the props, which totally worked.

  • Adam Boyer, our AD, who also helped as much as he could with set design, extra wrangling, lighting, and copy machine jiggling (that may make sense eventually)

  • Mihiri Weerasinghe, who not only served as our Art Director, but also went out 30 miles out of her way to pick up our breakfast every single morning.

  • Angel Garcia, who acted in our film, and also helped with Special FX, camera department, set design, transportation, and set photography.

One story from our last day of filming does a great job of showing how our crew went above and beyond, and also how much fate was on our side to make this film. After we had technically wrapped production, David (our cinematographer) and I remembered that we had wanted to get a shot of security cameras to use in the film. There was one problem – we couldn’t figure out how to secure the security cameras near the ceiling without screwing them to the walls.


As you may recall from our casting notices, one of our characters is named “The Repairman.” The Repairman is a little magical, and has a special way with office equipment. For this role we cast Dan Henson, who we later found out…was an actual repairman. Truly – he fixed both our printer and our toilet during the course of production.

Dan could tell I was having a hard time with the security camera. I’d tried gaff tape, but there wasn’t enough of a surface on the mounting plate to hold it. Dan went to his truck for screws, but they just wouldn’t fasten correctly to the ceiling tiles. We brainstormed (clamps? string? zip ties?) but just couldn’t think of anything that would work. Meanwhile everyone else had started the wrap party.


“Let’s take a break and have a beer,” I said. “I’m sure the solution will come to us after that.”


“I like where your head’s at,” said Dan.

Well, I hadn’t finished half of my beer, when Dan came bursting into the kitchen. “Security camera’s up," he said. “I had think like my character.”

I followed him around the corner to find the security camera hung very securely. How did he do it?

“Paperclips,” he said.



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